Why Choose Mystery Eyes?

About me

I am passionate about providing consumers with an outstanding experience that will bring them back to your business and see them recommending your business too.

With good leadership our mystery visit programmes drive consumer satisfaction rates up. This is demonstrated by increasing NPS (net promoter scores) but also increasing satisfaction across the customer journey.

We believe that all pubs, bars and restaurants can achieve outstanding customer satisfaction no matter what market you are in. But different customers want different things- that is why we measure what is most important in your business by using a visitor who best represents your consumers.

We do things differently from a traditional mystery visiting company but we believe our feedback and data is more relevant and our approach allows us to keep costs low.

Our Values

As a company our values (and we live by them) are:


Integrity & Honesty


Hard work

Value for money

Focus on achieving all project KPI’s

Our Services

Click the links below to discover more about the services we offer or drop us a line with your enquiry to andrea@mysteryeyes.co.uk

Mystery Visit Programmes

This is a traditional approach to gaining detailed insight into how the consumer is viewing your business. We send visitors whose profile matches your business into your site and they complete a detailed questionnaire covering the entire customer journey from checking the on-line presence, booking, arriving, all the way through the visit until the final farewell.

Our reports are professionally laid out and easy to read. They include detail of the visit but also an overview of TripAdvisor and Google reviews.

Our clients may be operating a single pub or may be larger a larger pub co/brewery. EVERY client is important to us.

Monthly Analysis

For our larger clients who need an overview of their whole business we offer in depth monthly analysis. This can be by pub, style of pub or region. It includes league tables, trend analysis and identifies strengths and weakness across individual pubs and the business.

Mini survey

Mystery visiting gives you really detailed feedback but due to the cost it is not a practical way to collect a large volume of data. For this we use our Mini Survey where we offer your actual consumers the opportunity to win a prize for completing a small survey of 4-5 questions at the end of their visit.

This builds your customer database whilst collecting feedback.

Competitor Analysis

We can also mystery visit your competitors occasionally so you can benchmark yourself against them.

Consumer Focus Groups

Here we take a specific group of consumers that you have set and we lead discussions in a relaxed group environment to get in depth consumer views on a variety of subjects. This leads to open, honest and well thought out opinions being fed back for you to use in shaping your business going forward.

Happy Staff

As we all know happy, engaged staff will deliver better customer service and experiences. So we help you anonymously gather their honest feedback about working with you and how things could improve.

Tenant Feedback Surveys

One of our services is to run satisfaction surveys with your licensees. The survey can vary in length and focus and is entirely suited to your business requirements.

All the feedback is anonymous so tenants are free to tell it how it really is.

Staff training

We can offer on-site customer service and up-selling training to your front-of-house team.

The courses are all fun, interactive and tend to run for half a day.

Something else?

Across our client base we obviously major on mystery customer programmes. But we also help recruit and develop staff and management, create training and standards guides, help relaunch venues after major investment and generally can be there every step of the way.

Just let us know if you have a specific project- we are sure we will be able to help.

So what do our clients say about us?

We have a great relationship with our clients, click the links below to see what they had to say.

Peter Wells Commercial Director, Wells & Co.

“Our Eagle Eyes mystery customer programme has helped our business in a number of different ways. Of course it has helped us develop a vast summary of powerful data we can use in discussion with our customers to help them improve their retail offer but it has also encouraged an army of our head office staff to engage with our pubs and develop a level of insight which has been lacking in the past. To bring it all together has been a significant task which Andrea at Mystery Eyes delivered with exemplary professionalism. Her ongoing management of the programme requires very little management time from us whilst providing the data we need to help our licensees to develop their businesses in these challenging times. All in all I am incredibly grateful for the way in which Angela has overseen the whole project and continues to add value on a day to day basis”

Andrew Buchanan Director of Pubs & Brewing, Daniel Thwaites

“Our business has been working with Mystery Eyes for 3 years. In that time I have found Andrea and her team to provide a first class service, to be responsive to our requests as well as being proactive in suggesting system & process developments. Mystery Eyes take care and pride in what they do and that shows in quality of what they do.”